The Applied Improvisation Network World Conference 2014Register
Thursday November 6th – Sunday November 9th
in Austin, Texas


Think Big, Be Big and Connect Big


SXSW in Austin

The Applied Improvisation Network (AIN) is a worldwide community of 2.500 practitioners. We are founders, executives, consultants, trainers, teachers, scientists, artists, therapists, managers, coaches and many more, all using improvisation techniques from theatre, jazz or other disciplines.

We gather at an annual conference, when international experts in management, health, education and arts introduce their perspectives on Applied Improvisation – with fun, passion and professionalism.

The AIN world conference 2014 focuses on taking applied improv to the next level.

We are looking forward to the most exciting event of 2014!

AIN Conference in Berlin in 2013

Participants will benefit from

  • Practical ideas, tools, techniques, tips and small steps you can use immediately to create instant improv experiences and learnings wherever you work
  • Inspirational talks by industry leaders and innovators
  • A wide choice of stimulating presentations and workshops representing diverse interests in the fields of business, community development, arts, health sector, charities, academics, soft skills and therapy
  • Ongoing theatre and music sessions demonstrating regular old (non-applied) improv
  • Panel discussions with lively conversations and question-and-answer sessions
  • A wealth of conversations that stretch your mind and inspire you to learn and do more
  • Access during and after the conference to video and photo documentation
  • A growing network of outstanding practitioners, colleagues and friends – a sense of belonging to a generous international community with access to extensive resources and support.